Art Hits the SPOT

Group of students participating in Art Hits the SPOT Program

Art Hits the SPOT” is a program that engages at-risk youth in the arts through a combination of hands-on activities, visiting artists with disabilities, creative writing, exhibitions, museum tours, studio visits and community engagement.

Through “Art hits the SPOT” the individuals will develop their own unique voices through high quality arts experiences, leadership and collaborative skills, and understanding of diverse community groups with whom they would not usually have a dialogue.

In addition to hands-on arts experiences, activities will include:

  • Field trips to arts venues such as the St. Louis Art Museum, Cherokee arts district, Washington Avenue galleries and the Contemporary Art Museum.
  • Visiting artists with disabilities will present their work and/or provide an instructional workshop for the youth.
  • Studio visits with working artists in the St. Louis area.

If you are interested in becoming a SPOT for “Art hits the SPOT” please email